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Food safety, quality and cold chain integrity are inextricably linked. Consumers are becoming more discerning and more demanding. As a result, the quality of the cold chain for perishables such as fresh produce, and frozen food, is attracting more attention than ever. Among other concerns, far too much product continues to perish on the way between ‘farm and fork’.

Bringing efficiency to the perishables supply chain is not just about the transportation lead time for logistics. That responsibility lies with all functions within the organization that are engaged in the end-to-end supply chain. Any sustainable velocity strategy will require all processes involved in product flow and management to work together seamlessly.

Join us on May 31, 2018, at VCI Cold Chain Executive Conference 2018 , where you would be provided with insights on the strategies, tools and technologies required to frame and create a high-velocity, highly efficient, and highly reliable perishables supply chain.

8 Key Topics:


- Lean Logistics with Innovative Distribution Strategy - Leveraging Analytics in Cold Chain
- Network against Time - Mapping A Network of Interconnected Perishable Value Chain
- Changing Trade Patterns: Can Traditional Trade Lane Approaches and Modern Demand Chain Concepts be Reconciled
- From First Mile to Last Mile – Developing Seamless Transportation Strategies for your Temperature Controlled Products
- For Fresh Produce eCommerce Sector - Tackling the Challenges of Balancing Cost and Service
- Real-Time Data Monitoring - Controlling and Monitoring an Unbroken Cold Chain
- Driving Digital Transformation of Supply Chain for an Automated End-to-End Quality Management
- A New Demand Model for Temperature-controlled Real Estate - What will it Take to Design and Deliver Flexible Solutions for Current and Future Challenges?

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Who will Join the Event


150+ Attendees

- 80%+ Director or above Director Level
- 85%+ Corporate Buyers

By invitation only and exclusive to VPs/Directors of Supply Chain, Logistics, Operations from these lines of business
- Food Producers in Perishable Trade­
- Supermarkets and eCommerce
- Catering, Food & Restaurant Franchises
- Fresh Produce eCommerce & Retailers


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Event Details:

Event Name: Cold Chain – Crafting A High-velocity Supply Chain for Perishables
Date: May 31, 2018 
Venue: TBD, Shanghai
Format: Conference, by invitation only and exclusive to VPs/Directors of Supply Chain, Logistics, Operations
Target Industry: Food Producers in Perishable Trade, Supermarkets and eCommerce, Catering, Food & Restaurant Franchises, Fresh Produce eCommerce & Retail.
Attendee Number: 150+  
Language: Chinese


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