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Spirits of Innovation in Everything; Creation of Digitalization in Future

You will normally not be beaten by your competitors. What really knock you out is the change of current changes. Therefore, you should keep up with the rhythm and update your perception in time. However, the road of transformation is filled with huge challenges. It involves technologies, data management, model innovations, and etc. They are all difficult to adjust in the short run! Hence, come and join 2019 VCI SC E2E Planning Innovation Summit! We will lead you to embrace transformation and to build your own moat of companies.

Your journey in this event will include:

 Front-End: Forecasting 2.0 / Demand Planning

 Back-End: Logistics & Fulfillment Planning

 End-to-End: S&OP to IBP




 前端:需求预测 & 计划

 后端: 物流配补货计划

 端到端: 供应计划 - 产销协同计划  - 整合的业务计划

Event Snapshot

Agenda At a Glance


Digitalization & Transformation & Innovation

E2E: S&OP to IBP

 Keynote: Customers Observation – Consumer Trends of New Generation

 Keynote: Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain Planning – Why a Hybrid AI Concept is the Better Choice 

 Keynote: Do Companies Really Benefit From S&OP?

 Keynote: Digital Supply Chain Planning Transformation and Realization

 Keynote: The Smart Brain of Supply Chain Planning – Integrated Business Plan

 Panel: Cracking the Myth of Finding Talents for Digital Transformation to Enable Business Success

 Keynote: IBP/IBL, One Size Doesn't Fit All

 Keynote: S2b2C Model – The New Way Out for Inventory in New Retail

 Keynote: Market Segmentation - Inventory Positioning & Replenishment Strategy in Omni Channel

 Keynote: Improving and Implementation of S&OP to Achieve TCO and Drive True Business Intelligence

 Panel: Challenges and Obstacles of IBP Implementation


Logistics & Fulfillment Planning

 Keynote: Multi-echelon Inventory, Allocation and Replenishment Logistics in Omni-Channel

 Keynote: How New Technology and AI Have Changed the Game and the Impact of Multi-channel Fulfillment

 Keynote: Creating Cost Effective and Visible Fulfillment Network

 Keynote: Addressing Challenges of Warehouse Management Ahead for Cosmetic Industry


Forecasting 2.0 / Demand Planning

 Keynote: Making Sense of Forecasting 2.0 and the Role of AI

 Keynote: By Only Paying Attention to Historical Data, Retailers are Only Seeing Part of the Demand Story

 Keynote: Effective Forecasting and Replenishment Increases Stock Rotation and In-store Availability

 Keynote: Art and Science of Forecasting and Human Judgement

 Panel: The Impact of People and Processes on Forecast Error in S&OP




数字化 & 转型 & 创新

端到端: 供应计划 - 产销协同 - 整合的业务计划

 主题演讲: 客户洞察——新生代消费者趋势

 主题演讲: 数字化供应链计划转型和实践

 主题演讲: IBP/IBL, 一鞋难合众人脚

 主题演讲: 人工智能在供应链计划中扮演的角色

 小组讨论: 克服人才迷思: 谁是真正可以助力业务,了解数字转型的Mr. Right?

 主题演讲: 企业真的能受益于S&OP吗?

 主题演讲: 提高S&OP以促成总成本优化,助力商业智能

 主题演讲: 社交电商趋势利好 – S2b2C,新零售升级下的库存新出路

 主题演讲: 市场细分法 - 全渠道的库存定位&补货策略

 主题演讲: 实施IBP的挑战 - 推进S&OP 的阻碍

 小组讨论: 供应链计划领域的智慧大脑——集成业务计划



 主题演讲: 全渠道中的多梯队库存及配补货物流计划

 主题演讲: 新技术和AI定义了游戏的新概念: 多渠道补货的新手法

 主题演讲: 如何建立仓配一体,降本增效的可视化订单履行网络

 主题演讲: 化妆品行业仓库管理的罪与赎


预测2.0 / 需求计划

 主题演讲: 预测2.0的未来及AI在其中的影响

 主题演讲: 历史数据 – 仅是需求故事长河中的一点繁星

 主题演讲: 库存优化-涵盖线上线下的品牌商如何通过高效预测与补货提高库存周转率

 主题演讲: 预测之美 & 人类预判的最佳结合

 小组讨论: 人和流程对于预测在S&OP中的影响

Why Join?

Join the large gathering with 250+ industry peers and colleagues in S&OP, Demand Planning, Supply Chain, Forecasting, Logistics, Operations and Analytics responsibilities

Share your knowledge, experiences, and challenges with others in your industry

Learn strategic thinking and holistic view from C-level and top Supply Chain Executives and practical, actionable tips from Supply Chain and Planning Directors and Managers based on their experience and expertise especially in one area, and see and how it can be applied to your own operation

Improve Forecasting & Planning accuracy and bring your organization to best-in-class levels in performance

Capture the latest trends and contents in Supply Chain industry


Who will Join?


Attendees By Function

Attendees By Industry


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Thanks for the premium partners who have contributed and supported this eminent event. 







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