Post Event Report

2017 VCI Supply Chain Forecasting & Planning Summit

Today, squeezing from Supply Chain flexibility brings less and less cost saving. Demand Planning and S&OP Optimization is as much important as Supply Planning and reaction. And Demand planners are challenged by ever-higher customer expectations, stricter regulations, changing market dynamics and the ongoing impact of the eCommerce - all of which are compelling you to reexamine and refine how you forecast and manage demand. 


The VCI Supply Chain Forecasting & Planning Conference 2017, September 21-22,  2017, in Shanghai, China had served as a perfect platform for major industry players to look for insights into Demand Planning and S&OP in Omni-channel supply chain beyond the horizon of current best practices. VCIntegration would like to express special thanks to all the sponsors, supporters and high quality attendees who came together to make this event very successfully and informatively. 

September 21-22, 2017

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     Supply Chain Forecasting & Planning 2017!




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